Students eligible to apply for a Scholarships for Kids scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • Is a member of a family whose total annual income the calendar year before he or she receives an educational scholarship does not exceed 185% of the federal poverty level, the federally recognized threshold for receiving free or reduced priced lunch.
  • Was eligible to attend a public school in the preceding semester, or is starting school in Alabama for the first time.
  • Resides in Alabama while receiving an educational scholarship.

Download file Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Income Guidelines

To apply for a scholarship, you must apply for admission and be accepted by a participating non-public school under the Alabama Accountability Act. 

Scholarships for Kids does not accept applications directly from parents/guardians. After completing an application, please bring the application to the participating school to complete tuition and certification information. Each participating school has a username and password to access our application portal and will complete the submission for you.

Scholarships for Kids will notifiy the school directly of your application status.  


Upon making the decision to withdraw, all parents/guardians of scholarship recipients will be made aware of the option to allow the Scholarships for Kids scholarship to transfer to another approved participating school under the Alabama Accountability Act.

If the student forgoes the option to transfer to another approved participating school under the Alabama Accountability Act, the student may no longer be considered a repeat applicant and a scholarship may not be available for the student for the following academic year. The student will have to reapply as a new scholarship applicant in order to be considered for a scholarship.

A Scholarships for Kids withdrawal form will be completed by the current qualified nonpublic school that the student is transferring from and should be submitted the Director of School relations within 5 days of the student’s last day of school.

A transfer of scholarship form will be shared with the parent/guardian of the withdrawn student and should be completed by the new school accepting the student. This form should be submitted to Scholarships for Kids within 5 days of the student’s first day of enrollment.